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Your financial future depends on your answer to this critical question.

This course will help you understand if you will be able to sell your small business when the time comes. Designed specifically for truly small business owners who need focused, efficient but high value learning. Full of essential, real-world, simply explained elements that every small business owner must know if they are serious about selling their small business someday.
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You Will Learn

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Course Title
    • How to Use this Course
    • Where it Changed for Me
    • A Message from the Instructor
    • Course Goal
    • No Apologies
    • Download Offline Questions Document
    • What You Know Now
  • 2
    The Odds of Selling a Small Business
    • Odds Introduction
    • The Odds
    • Odds Recap
    • What Are The Odds?
  • 3
    A Buyer's Basic Needs
    • A Buyer's Basic Needs Introduction
    • My Results Buy My Business Simply Explained
    • Meet Bill Your Buyer
    • Buyer's Basic Needs Recap
    • Buyer's Basic Needs
  • 4
    Are Your Results Desirable?
    • Three Questions Introduction
    • Desirable Results Introduction
    • Desirable Results Simply Explained
    • Are Your Results Desirable?
    • Desirable Results Recap
    • Desirable Results Quiz
  • 5
    Can a Buyer Duplicate Your Results?
    • Duplicate Your Results Introduction
    • Duplicate Your Results Simply Explained
    • Can a Buyer Duplicate Your Results?
    • Duplicate Results Review
    • Duplicate Results Quiz
  • 6
    Can You Document Your Results?
    • Document Your Results Introduction
    • Document Your Results Simply Explained
    • Can you Document Your Results?
    • Document Your Results Recap
  • 7
    Time to Answer the Main Question
    • Time to Answer the Question
    • Will You be able to Sell Your Small Business?
    • What Was Your Answer?
    • Your Answer Recap
    • Change Your Business - An Imperfect Example
  • 8
    Thank You!
    • Where it Can Change for You
    • Will You be Able to Sell Your Business?

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Will I be able to Sell My Small Business?

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